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A Brief History of Limousines in Chicago

We all know that the automobile industry has seen tremendous growth in the last few decades—especially when you consider there were no automobiles just a few short centuries ago. With all the changes going on in the automotive world, we thought this would be the perfect time to get back to our roots and examine a brief history of limousines in Chicago.


If you were a wealthy Chicagoan, your main method of transportation was a horse-drawn carriage. While this is a far cry from the limousines of today, you can see one significant similarity: the separation between chauffeur and passenger.


In the late 1880s, the first automobiles were produced. A few years later, France came up with the idea of the limousine. Ah, the French. With separate areas for drivers and passengers, the building blocks of the modern limousine were created.


It took until the 1900s for the limousine to become a more practical choice—until then, it was a comically luxurious item.


Enter the stretch limousine we all know and love. What began with the Arkansas Company was perfected by Cadillac and used by people of status in Chicago.


In this period, limos grew in popularity and were the expected form of transportation for superstars and other famous personalities.


While a touch less glamorous, it was between 1970 and 2000 that stretch limousines became a go-to option for funeral transportation.

Modern Limousines

Comfort, luxury, and status. By now, it is clear that those words are the purest standards of what limousines represent. When you need to get around the city in style, there’s no better option than selecting one of the best livery services in Chicago.

Now that you understand the brief history of limousines in Chicago, we hope you appreciate the winding road it took to get us to where we are today! The next time you need to rent a vehicle here in the Windy City, we hope you consider Second City Livery Service and add a chapter to the history book of limousines.