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Now is the Time to Start Planning Your Wedding Transportation

With the general economy beginning to open up again, there are likely to be a great amount of weddings planned for later this year, especially since restrictions on gatherings should be either completely lifted or considerably relaxed. That means now is the time to start making all your wedding plans, including transportation for the wedding party. If you live anywhere in the Chicago area, you should contact us at Second City Livery Service so you can be sure of having first-class, comfortable transportation for your party on that special day.

Why book early?

Waiting until the last minute is never a good idea, because you’re very likely to find that all the transportation services are booked solid. By booking early, you’ll be a lot more likely to get the kind of service you really want, with classy and comfortable transportation for your whole group. Another reason to book your transportation early is so that you know it’s a done deal, and you don’t have to wonder about availability as you get closer to the actual date. This will be one more task you can cross off your checklist and you’ll know you’ve already taken care of it.

It’s especially important to book early if you intend to schedule your wedding on a weekend day, most likely Saturday. There are literally tons of other events which happen on a Saturday, so you can expect to be competing with all those others, and that means you’ll need to arrange for your transportation before others do. If there’s a specific model or specific amenities you want in your vehicle, you’ll have a better chance of securing them when you book longer in advance and that is why NOW is the time to start planning your wedding transportation by going to our website at or call to speak with someone at 312-448-8787.

Many weddings also require more than a single vehicle to transport a wedding group around town, or on a scenic cruise through the local surroundings. To be sure you can get the number of vehicles you need for your group, booking early is a must. If you were to wait too long, you might find that your preferred chauffeur company can’t deliver the number of vehicles you want, and then you’d either have to work with multiple companies, or you’d have to find a new company altogether. If you want to work with a company you can trust like Second City Livery Service, you should make sure you make the arrangements long in advance so you’ll have the availability you need.

Planning details

Some of the actual details regarding your wedding transportation can wait until a couple weeks before the event, after you’ve secured your booking. As you get close to the date, you’ll need to tell the chauffeur company the address where the bride will be getting ready, what time she needs to be picked up, and the location of the ceremony and reception party. You’ll also need to provide information on the times for ceremony and reception, as well as the parking access and availability at those venues. Don’t worry about having to think of everything though – if there’s more information we need, we’ll be sure to prompt you for it, because we realize you’ll have lots of other details to consider about your special day.