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Why Now is the Time to Schedule Transportation for Proms and Graduations


Whether you need transportation for a high school graduation, a college graduation, or a high school prom, now is the time to schedule transportation for proms and graduations by booking your preferred black car transportation service, so you can be sure of having availability. There is always a flurry of activity involving transportation at this time of year, and the bookings quickly snatch up all the best offerings, so you won’t want to be left out in the cold. There is always a greater demand for quality transportation than there is supply to meet that demand – after all, there are only so many limos in any given town or city. To be sure you can count on classy and comfortable transportation for your event, feel free to look for quotes or book online by going to our website at Here are a few reasons why you should book now:


When you arrange for limo transportation with Second City Livery, you can count on 100% safe transportation, wherever your destination might be. All of our drivers have excellent safety records and have been pre-screened prior to employment. They know the area well, and are able to deliver their passengers safe and sound by avoiding traffic snarls, and by observing all the safe practices of the road and in today’s day and age the safe practices against COVID-19 by keeping up to date with CDC guidelines.

Avoiding distractions

Graduations and proms are usually times of considerable celebration, and that means your youngsters are likely to be seriously distracted by the activities of the day. You certainly won’t want any of them to be driving to or from an event in a frame of mind which is less than focused. On the other hand, our professional chauffeurs are well aware of the seriousness of delivering these young men and women safe and sound to whatever event they might be attending.

Remembering the event

The best way to remember any really important event like this is to focus all your concentration on the event itself, and the attendant activities. That means you won’t want your youngsters to be bothered with figuring out how to beat the traffic on the way to the destination, or traveling away from it. This is a time when all energy should be devoted to truly enjoying the experience and making the most of a once-in-a-lifetime event. Don’t muddy the waters by having your youngster drive himself or herself to the event.

Celebrating a major milestone

There are only a few truly significant milestones in a person’s lifetime, and graduating from high school or college is one of them, as is attending a high school prom. An event like this should be celebrated and remembered for years to come, and one of the best ways of making this a special event is to book a luxury vehicle for transportation. This is a great way of making it a special day in the life of any young person, and it will probably be a memory which stays with them throughout their entire lifetime. Your youngster has earned this bit of luxury on one of the major milestones of their life, so make it truly memorable by booking a luxury black car service for the upcoming event.