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3 Tips for Making Your Airport Experience Stress-Free

3 Tips for Making Your Airport Experience Stress-Free

For many people, flying isn’t their favorite activity, and if you share their anxiety, it isn’t one of yours either. You would much rather luxuriate in a nice car than spend hours waiting in airports for a suddenly delayed flight. When you add stress to the equation, the whole experience becomes one big nightmare, but don’t worry—we can help! Read on to learn three tips for making your airport experience stress-free.

Pack Smart

Many people get in their own heads about packing. You start thinking about nightmare scenarios: “What if I fall in a mud puddle and ruin my outfit? Then, after I change, I fall into the koi pond in the hotel lobby?” These worries can lead to overpacking to try and prevent each nightmare scenario, which leads to a new nightmare scenario: a carry-on that’s too big!

Before you start packing, take a breath and remember, there’s most likely a dry cleaner where you’re going that can tackle every nightmare clothing situation.

Arrive Early

Once you have everything you’ll need (but not more than you need), it’s time to think about when you should arrive at the airport. The rule is simple: arrive two hours before your departure if you’re traveling domestically and three hours before if you’re flying internationally. That’s all there is to it!

Hire a Limo Service

We’re not sure where the myth that airport limousines are ridiculously expensive to rent originated, but we want to squash that notion right now! Limos are totally affordable and offer the luxury experience that you deserve after a long day of flying. If you’re traveling to Chicago, or throughout the Chicago area during your stay, why not cap off your journey with an airport limo service? We guarantee, you’ll never want to use another form of transportation service again (and you’ll never have to). Your driver will make sure you get where you need to go with time to spare.

Now that you know these three tips for making your airport experience stress-free, you can buy your plane tickets without worry and know that you’ll soon be back on the ground and in a comfortable limousine.