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4 Limo Service Etiquette Tips You Should Know

4 Limo Service Etiquette Tips You Should Know

Riding in a limousine can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to be respectful too. There are some basic tips and tricks that can help make sure everyone has a positive experience. Read on to learn four limo service etiquette tips you should know.

Entering and Exiting

Believe it or not, there are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to entering and exiting the limo. One best practice is to allow your driver to open the door for you—that’s part of their job, so it may be seen as somewhat rude if you insist on doing it yourself. You should also make sure to sit in the first open seat, scooching along the row to make room for others.

To Tip or Not To Tip?

It’s generally considered acceptable to tip 15 to 20 percent, especially because riding in a limousine is typically a special occasion. If you feel as though there’s been a problem with the service that makes you want to not tip, be sure to bring it up with the limo company.

Treat the Limo Like You’d Treat Your Car

It’s polite to avoid trashing the limo, so a good rule of thumb is to treat the limousine as you would your own vehicle. Leave with everything you brought into the limo, and make sure to pick up any trash or empty cans you accumulated while inside the vehicle.

Keep the Limo Company Informed of Your Party Size

Things happen, and party sizes change. However, it’s polite to call the limo company and let them know if you’re planning to bring a larger party than you initially thought. That way, the company can offer you the vehicle that best suits your needs—you wouldn’t want to leave any of your party out in the cold! When you book your corporate car service in Chicago, be sure to request a per-person quote so you know what to expect.

Now that you understand these four limo service etiquette tips you should know, get ready to enjoy one of the most luxurious experiences a person can have—riding in a limousine.