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Questions To Ask a Private Car Service Company

Questions To Ask a Private Car Service Company

The questions to ask a private car service company are whatever will assuage your anxieties. You deserve to know the ins and outs of the service you are paying for, after all! Get from point A to point B in style when you choose a luxury black car service. Keep reading to find out how to pick the right one.

Which Types of Vehicles Are Available?

When working with a private car service, you can choose from a fleet of vehicles. Choose the private car service that offers the best lineup of limos. If you’re looking to ride in a specific car, you can ask different services about the vehicles they have in their fleet to help you make your decision.

What Type of Maintenance Is Done on the Cars?

Ask about the condition of the vehicle you’ll be riding in. Black car companies hold themselves to a higher standard than taxis and rideshare services. A private car is typically spotless and well-maintained to avoid breakdowns on the road. Ensure the company you choose invests in proper car care.

What’s the Cost?

Most likely, the cost will be on the front of your mind when you’re booking an hourly chauffeur service. Don’t be afraid to inquire about all facets of pricing. Understand the base rate and if you’ll be charged by the hour or by the mile. Each private limo service is different. Depending on where you’re going, you may pay less if you pay by the hour.

What’s the Method of Payment?

Find out before your trip what form of payment your chauffeur accepts. You likely won’t have to pay in cash; some services require you to pay through an app or website rather than paying onsite. If you wish to give your driver a tip, you may find that rules and restrictions exist around that too. Ask your service about how all forms of payment work prior to your trip.

Are Your Chauffeurs Experienced and Licensed?

A benefit to using private car companies is that the drivers and cars are licensed. You’re more than likely to have a driver who knows the area you’re in. Still, you should inquire with the service you’re using to make sure an experienced driver will show up at your door.

What’s the Cancellation Policy?

While it’s the last thing you want to think about, trips can get canceled at the last minute for any reason. Whether you booked a private car to take you to the airport or to a show, last-minute cancellations can happen. When booking your car, ask about the cancellation policy so you know how far in advance you should change plans to get your money back.

Know the important questions to ask a private car service company when booking a ride. You should know the cost, policies, and types of cars available to you. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that will calm your nerves when using a private car service such as Second City Livery. Contact us today to inquire about our services.